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EP 32: Attending a Virtual Wedding

In this episode Andrea and Chelsea take on some of the worlds most difficult questions and attend a virtual wedding along with a returning guest. Follow us on Twitter and Insta gram @webepropod. You can email us at webepropod@gmail.com and we are available on almost all podcast streaming platforms. 


Ep 30: It’s how they know.

In this weeks episode Chelsea and Andrea take some time to discuss some topics they have some ideas on, they even get to phone in a friend. Take some time from social distancing to add us on social media and get the most up to date with the girls. You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @webepropod. You can email us at webepropod at gmail.com and subscribe/like/rate/review on all podcast platforms so you never miss a notification when our episodes our out!


EP 30: That’s a feeling, not a taste.

In this weeks episode Chelsea and Andrea discuss some controversial topics like Egypt is living in the year 2012. Feel free to follow us on the twitter twatter and instagrammies @webepropod, email us at webepropod@gmail.com and subscribe to us on applepodcasts, spotify and podbean! 


EP 29: Please allow 6ft for domestics

In this weeks episode Chelsea and Andrea discuss how they are handling social distancing. Andrea shares one of her crazy neighbors and Lotion is cookin up on the instagrammies. #follow us on #twitter @webepropod, #instagram @webepropod. Email us webepropod@gmail.com, #listen #rate #review #subscribe





If you are a victim of domestic violence and would like help please reach out to https://www.thehotline.org/


EP 28: It’s a learning Curve.

In this weeks episode Chelsea and Andrea discuss how the stay at home order is going. How they social distance appropriately and their top Netflix/Movie recommendations. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up on the latest news @webepropod. Follow, like, listen, rate and review on your favorite podcast sites. 


EP 27: Social Distancing at its finest.

In this weeks episode Andrea and Chelsea discuss their Covid-19 frustrations with society as one would after being cooped up in the house for a week. We urge people to follow the precautions by the CDC for this pandemic. Rate/review/listen/subscribe. available on spotify, itune, and our favorite podbean for listening. Follow our social meeds @webepropod on Twitter and Instagram


EP 26: Conspiracies are everywhere

In this weeks episode Andrea and Chelsea keep up with hardly researching the "facts" on conspiracy theory's that bored stay at home mothers have decided to adapt and rant about on Facebook to their local townsfolk. Let us know your thoughts on these topics and what conspiracy you have. #listen #rate #review #subscribe on Podbean, spotify and any other podcasting platform. Also follow us on the social meeds. Twitter: @webepropod and Instagram: @webepropod. Email us at webepropod@gmail.com 


EP 25: Off Topic Professionals

In this weeks episode Chelsea and Andrea answer questions that we're meant for when they go off topic on a tangent. Andrea share's some exciting news that happened over the last weekend. #listen #rate #review #subscribe on podbean, spotify or itunes. 


EP 24: What a nice day for a road trip

Did someone say road trip? In this weeks episode Chelsea and Andrea discuss their plans for future road trips and memories from past trips. They also discuss places they'd like to visit and neat spots they already have. #listen #rate #review #subscribe on podbean, spotify and itunes. Email us at Webepropod@gmail.com


EP 23: Strippers and Icecream

Join us in this weeks episode where Andrea and Chelsea talk about how to act in a strip club, as not only an attendee but as a stripper as well. Shout out to @crimeandsports for the story that inspired this weeks episode. 

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